30 Library Media Specialist Positions – DC public Schools – Washington, DC

Library Media Specialist

Position Overview

Salary: $51,539-$83,199

The Library Media Specialist position is located in all public schools within the DCPS system. Situated at the center of national government, the goal of DPCS is to provide students with a quality education that prepares them to become future leaders, productive citizens, and individuals who are engaged in the life of the community. This position reports directly to the principal of the school to which the incumbent is assigned.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • ¬†Assesses learning and information needs of students and staff
  • Plans and works collaboratively with teachers to use appropriate resources that address curricular needs and learning goals
  • Instructs students and staff in the effective use of the media center, its resources, and the current technologies necessary to access the resources and information
  • ¬†Incorporates information literacy into day-to-day instruction
  • Advocates and promotes reading and life-long learning through motivational activities
  • Adheres to and communicates copyright as well as other laws and guidelines pertaining to the distribution and ethical use of all resources
  • Advocates the principles of intellectual freedom
  • Works cooperatively with other libraries and agencies to share resources that enhance teaching and learning
  • Works with the principal and school leadership team to provide flexible access to school library media center resources to accommodate individuals and groups simultaneously
  • Organizes school library media facilities and resources in a manner that supports the mission, goals, and objectives of the school and maximizes intellectual and physical access to resources
  • Encourages the widest possible use of print and electronic resources and services–within the school library media center, throughout the school, and through remote access
  • Develops and implements an ongoing collection development and evaluation planning process, that focuses on a variety of formats and resources to meet diverse learning needs
  • Prepares budget requests, administers library budgets, and maintains appropriate records
  • Evaluates and selects resources that build a collection addressing curricular needs and learning goals in collaboration with teachers, technology staff, and students
  • Evaluates the school library media program on a continual basis according to accepted standards of quality
  • Interacts effectively with students, staff, administration, parents, and the community to promote and expand the school library media program
  • Prepares and submits accurate reports as required
  • Adheres to established laws, policies, rules, and regulations

Desired Qualities

  • Commitment to Equity: Passionate about closing the achievement gap and ensuring that every child, regardless of background or circumstance, receives an excellent education.
  • Leadership: Coaches, mentors, and challenges others to excel despite obstacles and challenging situations.
  • Focus on Data-Driven Results: Relentlessly pursues the improvement of central office performance and school leadership, instruction, and operations, and is driven by a desire to produce quantifiable student achievement gains.
  • Innovative Problem-Solving: Approaches work with a sense of possibility and sees challenges as opportunities for creative problem solving; takes initiative to explore issues and find potential innovative solutions.
  • Adaptability: Excels in constantly changing environments and adapts flexibly in shifting projects or priorities to meet the needs of a dynamic transformation effort; comfortable with ambiguity and non-routine situations.
  • Teamwork: Increases the effectiveness of surrounding teams through collaboration, constant learning and supporting others; sensitive to diversity in all its forms; respects and is committed to learning from others
  • Dependability: Does whatever it takes to consistently deliver with high quality under tight deadlines; successfully manages own projects through strong organization, detailed workplans, and balancing of multiple priorities.
  • Communication and Customer Service Skills: Communicates clearly and compellingly with diverse stakeholders in both oral and written forms; anticipates and responds to customer needs in a high-quality and courteous manner.


  • Master’s degree in Library and Information Science.
  • Approved program requirements must be met to qualify for K-12 School Library Media Specialist certification in Washington, DC.

Application can be found here: http://ter.ps/54s

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