Re-Envisioning the MLS: Free the Librarians

On Thursday, November 6, Dave Lankes delivered the iSchool’s first thought leader presentation our three-year Re-Envisioning the MLS initiative. Co-sponsored by the Information Policy & Access Center (iPAC), Dave delivered Burn the Libraries, Free the Librarians, which offered a number of insights regarding the future of libraries and, more significantly, the future of librarians.

The presentation touched on a number of key issues facing librarians as critical community-based “knowledge makers. More specifically, the presentation focused on librarians as:

  • Community activists;
  • Community transformers;
  • Social innovators;
  • Makers;
  • Facilitators of learning; and
  • Data and information stewards.

Dave touched on the implications of these and other key roles of librarians for MLS programs, including the need for cultural, technology, engagement, digital asset management, and knowledge facilitation skills — as well as infrastructure needs for libraries to support these roles.

The archive of the session is available at: We welcome your comments as we continue to Re-Envision the MLS.

Up Next:

YX: Youth Learning in a Digital Context: Implications for Library, Information, and Education Professionals
Today, we live simultaneously in physical and digital environments. This is particularly true for children and youth. In this presentation, Dr. Mike Eisenberg discusses digital youth, learning, and how to rethink the MLS in a context of physical and digital living. The presentation focuses on how digital technologies are reshaping learning, services, and programs — and the significance of librarians, archivists, curators, and information professionals as critical contributors to learning and human flourishing.

When: Tuesday, December 9, 4:30-5:30pm
Where: Margaret Brent Room, Stamp Student Union, University of Maryland College Park campus OR online at
RSVP: Please RSVP at

Dr. Mike Eisenberg is the founding dean of the Information School at the University of Washington, serving from 1998 to 2006. Known as an innovator and entrepreneur, Mike approached the iSchool as a startup—transforming the school into a broad-based information school with academic programs on all levels (bachelors through doctorate), increasing enrollment 400%, generating millions in funded research, and making a difference in industry, the public sector, and education on all levels. Mike’s current work focuses on information & technology literacy, virtual worlds, and library information and technology programs, K-20. For example, he has been co-PI with Alison Head on Project Information Literacy studies, the most extensive set of research studies ever conducted in that area. Mike is co-author of the “Big6 approach to information problem-solving” – the most widely used information literacy program in the world.

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