Re-Envisioning the MLS: YX-Youth learning in a Digital Context

On Tuesday, December 9, Mike Eisenberg delivered the second of our thought-leader Speaker Series, part of our three-year Re-Envisioning the MLS initiative. Co-sponsored by the Information Policy and Access Center (iPAC) and the MLS program, Mike presented, YX: Youth Learning in a Digital Context: Implications for Library, Information, and Education Professionals. Mike’s presentation offered a thought-provoking look at today’s “digital youth” and how digital technologies are reshaping learning, services, and programs.

Experiences at the Digital Youth Seattle Think Tank that took place earlier this fall provided clear examples of the main points he made about youths today. Kids today aren’t “mindless zombies” addicted to their technology and not paying attention to the “real world.” Youths are thoughtful and self-aware, using technology allows to them to connect with the real world in ways that they wouldn’t be able to with out it. Instead of labeling them, we should emphasize individualized education that allows them to use the skills and knowledge they have of technology to collaborate with peers and create knowledge.

Mike, of course, described how libraries are, can, or should participate in this evolution, stating, “The library should be an information utility of every organization or community.” Emphasizing that libraries are no longer about searching, he described what libraries are and should be about now:

  • Information management
  • Knowledge creation and preservation
  • Virtual and physical spaces
  • Education
  • Integration across the institution and community

Mike’s talk, questions from the audience, and future Re-Envisioning events will help us as we consider what is next for LIS education.

An archive of the session can be found at:
A summary from the UMD Diamondback, can be found here:

We welcome your comments on the talk and any of our other Re-Envisioning events. Check back for a complete calendar of Spring 2015 events in January. Archived recordings of all previous events can be found at:


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