Alternative LIS Jobs

LIS degrees are extraordinarily versatile! Even beyond the worlds of libraries and archives, degrees in Libraries and Information Science can open the doors to enormous numbers of exciting and innovative careers. Consider these two articles, which focus on exploring alternative career paths for LIS grads.

The first article, available here, is a simple list titled “Alternative LIS Job Titles.” Published on the Infonista blog, this list was originally intended as a response to frequently asked questions on the LIS Career Options LinkedIn group. The author taught a course for the University of Denver MLIS Program focused on alternative career paths for LIS graduates, and used this list to advertise the wide variety of options available to LIS students.

The second article is a blog post for Syracuse University’s blog Infospace, which is available here. The author, a student at Syracuse, was interested in curating a list of career paths that did not include the word “librarian.” All of the careers listed require an MLS, and many are unique career paths that might not immediately come to mind when one is considering options for LIS degree holders. The original purpose of this article was to provide readers with direct links to relevant job postings, so many of the links within may be dead, but it is a list worth considering for the variety that it adds to LIS professional prospects! For current job listings, be sure to check the MLS Jobs section of blogMLS!

What do you think of these postings? Do any stick out as particularly exciting to you, or do you know of any exciting alternative career paths that are not posted? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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